Song: 24 fps Artist: The Candle Park Stars and
Song: Light Me Up Artist: Kathryn Ostenberg

Director/DP/Editor – Ali teraoui
Photographe : Dan photographe
Lieu de réception : Cour des loges
robe de mariée :
coiffeur : Carl appartement 16
wedding planner : Nelly Blanc

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They say that love is a universal language and after watching this breathtaking film from Trèfle Studio, I can most definitely say it’s true. Because even though I may not have understood each and every word that was spoken (my years of French class are far behind me), the emotions and feelings of the day are unmistakable.  It’s true love.  Through and through.  So, whether you are fluent in French, English or something else entirely, prepare to spent the next 5 minutes laughing, crying (happy tears) and smiling. The language of love is all you need to know.

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